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A delicious Gift Box of Artisan Vinegar’s from multi-award-winning Artisan Vinegar Company. A genuine Cornish artisan producer, producing the best quality Vinegar's with the fewest ingredients possible. Beginning with good quality malt, fruit and honey, their vinegars go through a months-long process that is as simple, natural and low-tech as possible. Minimising the use of chemicals and additives, with barrel-ageing to perfection!


This Gift Box includes three amazing flavours, including:

- Artisan Blackberry Vinegar - starting with nothing but foraged whole blackberries! 

- Artisan Raspberry Vinegar made from 100% whole British raspberries. 

- Artisan Mead Vinegar starts life as 100% whole Cornish wildflower honey from local beekeepers, whose bees range over the coasts, hedges and wild-flowers of Cornwall.


The story behind these Artisan Vinegar’s is incredible too! Each vinegar is brewed, aged and bottled at the Old Nuclear Bunker in Coverack, Cornwall. Formerly RAF Treleaver, a huge relic of the Cold War, disused since the 1950s and now converted to produce the best malt vinegar in the world! 


So douse your fish-and-chips, drizzle a little into a salad dressing, add to marinades and sauces, or use them to make champion chutney’s. These are the finest of flavours and you won’t taste better! 



Artisan Vinegar Company - 3 Bottle Gift Box

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