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A delicious Gift Box of Artisan Vinegar’s from multi-award-winning Artisan Vinegar Company. A genuine Cornish artisan producer, producing the best quality Vinegar's with the fewest ingredients possible. Beginning with good quality malt, fruit and honey, their vinegars go through a months-long process that is as simple, natural and low-tech as possible. Minimising the use of chemicals and additives, with barrel-ageing to perfection! These really are something else!


This Gift Box includes three amazing flavours, including:

- Artisan Malt Vinegar - Award winning Premium Malt Vinegar, simply the best!


- Artisan Honey Vinegar - made from 100% Cornish wild flower honey 


- Artisan Cider Vinegar - made from only the finest traditional Cornish apples; Tregonna King, Cornish Breadfruit, Manaccan Primrose, Cornish Aromatic, English Codling and Hoary Morning. 


The story behind these Artisan Vinegar’s is incredible too! Each vinegar is brewed, aged and bottled at the Old Nuclear Bunker in Coverack, Cornwall. Formerly RAF Treleaver, a huge relic of the Cold War, disused since the 1950s and now converted to produce the best malt vinegar in the world! 


So douse your fish-and-chips, drizzle a little into a salad dressing, add to marinades and sauces, or use them to make champion chutney’s. These are the finest of flavours and you won’t taste better! 

Artisan Vinegar Company - Malt, Honey and Cider Vinegar Gift Set

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