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Who doesn't love Honey? Especially Cornish Honey. Whether it's runny or set, spread or drizzled, this Honey Gift Box will satisfy any sweet tooth. Whether it's for a special occasion or just to show someone you care, honey is sure to make a lasting impression.


Deliciously floral honey has been lovingly crafted by Mr R.M Jordan’s bees, kept in hives on North Calvadnack Farm in Redruth. The Cornish Farm Shop team say "sunshine in a jar!" Mr R.M Jordan is a member of the prestigious Bee Farmers Association.  It's packed with natural flavour and won't leave you disappointed like a supermarket alternative, which are often imported to the UK, or blended from several varieties


Cornish Honey Gift Box Duo

  • A presentation gift box containing 2 jars of gorgeous Cornish Honey.  One set and one runny, both 227g

  • All products may contain allergens, we strongly recommend that you check individual product labels prior to consumption.

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