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For the person who loves cooking and good flavours.  This collection will allow you to season your dishes to the next level.  There is something for everyone and every dish in here!  We always have one of each to hand in our kitchen.  

Why not team this gift up with one of the Salt Pigs.


 Please note that our collections will be sent in a plain cardboard box and do not include a hamper box.

Seasonings Collection

  • There will be no more bland dishes in your household ever again if you purchase this ultimate seasoning collection.  Use in your cooking or as a rub on meats or fish before cooking or add to a marinade.  There really is a salt here for every occasion

    Includes the following:-

    1 x Cornish Organic seaweed salt 70g (Please note: 2 shown in image but only one will be included)

    1 x  Chilli Hit 50g

    1 x  Roasting Salt 50g

    1 x  Really Garlicky 55g

    1 x Salt & Peppery 60g

    1 x Salt & Peppery 140g

    1 x Lemon Pepper 55g

    1 x Mexican 55g

    1 x Fresh & Zesty 55g

    1 x Smoked Flakes

    1 x Sea Salt Flakes 150g

    1 x Sea Salt Crystals 225g

    1 x Super Seed Topper 155g 


  • All products may contain allergens, we strongly recommend that you check individual product labels prior to consumption.

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