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Barbecue Season is almost here!

At last the weather has begun to improve slightly and there is the long awaited feel of spring in the air, which can only mean one thing......BBQ's are not far away........

There is nothing better than the smell of a charcoal BBQ smoking away and wafting through the air on a hot summer's day. A glass of something cold shared with friends and family whilst you eagerly await whatever is on offer.

The promise of juicy burgers and sausages or a fillet of your favourite fish simmering away in a tin foil parcel of white wine, lemon juice and seasonings. Or perhaps you're more of an aubergine steak or halloumi burger lover. Whatever your preference, it all tastes better in the outdoors.

Whether it's an impromptu disposable BBQ on the beach with friends or a well planned family feast on your Weber kettle in your perfectly manicured garden, The Cornish Farm Shop have the perfect accompaniment to make your meal extra special.

Seasonings - Add that extra zing to your meats and fish with our selection of flavoured Sea Salts from The Cornish Sea Salt Company.

Sauces We have a wide range of sauces from Cornish Ketchup to hot sauces and cool mayonnaises.

The Big Barbecue Collection And last but not least we have the ultimate collection containing a little bit of everything to make your BBQ extra special

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