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Artisan Malt Vinegar doesn't taste of thin, sharp acid.  It tastes....of malt!  The acid of the vinegar is balanced with the rich malty flavours you might expect to find in a fine cask ale, or a steaming mug of Horlicks, or in a Malteser.  But it doesn't just taste of malt - connoisseurs will be able to sniff out notes of caramel, or dark chocolate and of oak.  Some even say they catch a whiff of days gone by.

Artisan Malt Vinegar 250ml

  • This multi award winning vinegar is equally at home on the delicatessen or grocery shelf, as a beautiful addition to the restaurant table, or as an ingredient in the fine-food kitchen.

    You can find plenty of malt vinegar that's cheaper than this - but you won't find any better!

  • All products may contain allergens, we strongly recommend that you check individual product labels prior to consumption.

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