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Guilty as charged! We dollop these delicious Cornish Ketchup’s from the The Cornish Ketchup Co. on (nearly) all of our foods! There really isn’t anything they don’t go with, from full English, Cornish pasties, late night cheese on toast, and everything in between. In fact you can pimp-up most meals with these without feeling bad, especially as they are 100% natural with no added colours or preservatives. Handmade with big red juicy tomatoes rather than tomato paste. Included in the Kings of Ketchup Collection is Original - perfect with all of your favourite savoury foods. Smokey - which is blended with black treacle and spices to create a perfect partner for your barbecue. Chipotle - with rich chilli taste, perfect with slow-cooked dishes and Mexican food. This is Ketchup how it should be - handmade, 100% natural, 100% flavour bomb! A great gift for a real Ketchup lover, or for Dad on Father’s Day to go with his breakfast in bed!


 Please note that our collections will be sent in a plain cardboard box and do not include a hamper box.

Kings of Ketchup Collection - The Cornish Ketchup Co

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