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Your cooking will be transformed with this trio of flavoured sea salts.  


Pinch tips -

Mix into mayonnaise to make a tasty dip.

Blend with butter for a jacket potato, corn-on-the-cob or a juicy steak.

Rub onto meat with a drizzle of olive oil before cooking.

Simply sprinkle over steamed veggies.

Add a pinch to pasta sauces, stews and curries


Makes a great present for adventurous cooks!

Punchy Seasonings Set 160g

  • From The Cornish Sea Salt Co. this Punchy Seasonings triple pack contains Really Garlicky (Sea Salt with roasted Garlic) 55g, Chilli Hit (Hot & spicy salt rub for meat and vegetables) 50g and Fresh & Zesty (A blend of sea salt, onion, lemon and thyme) 55g.

  • All products may contain allergens, we strongly recommend that you check individual product labels prior to consumption.

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