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If you prefer or can only drink decaffeinated Tea & Coffee then this gift box is perfect.  We have also thrown in a couple of treats to make break time that little bit more interesting!

The Decaf Break Time Hamper

  • Included in the box is:-

    - 80 Decaffeinated tea bags - as natural as the unexplored depths of the sea, you won't find any nasty chemicals in this tea.  The caffeine is removed using the Swiss Water Method, simply taking out the caffeine whilst leaving in all the goodies and scrumptious flavour of the tea

    - 227g pouch of Delightful Decaf medium roast ground coffee - natural process, true flavour and no jitters!

    - 385g Cornish Farmhouse Sultana Cake - a deliciously moist cake bursting with juicy sultanas and currants topped with sweet sugary pieces

    - 100g Smooth & creamy milk chocolate bar made with sustainably sourced cocoa from The Ivory Coast, handcrafted in Cornwall

  • All products may contain allergens, we strongly recommend that you check individual product labels prior to consumption.

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