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This delightful Hamper is named after the Wheal Luna Tin Mine in St Agnes, Cornwall.  Wheal Luna is an example of early open cast tin mining, when miners chipped away at the outcropping ore bearing rock using only hand tools.

Wheal Luna Hamper

  • The perfect mix of some savoury and sweet products.

    Included in the Hamper is:-

    - a box of West Country Cheddar Biscuits.  Rich, crunchy & generous on the cheese 170g

    - a jar of Sisley's Traditional Apple Chutney, goes superbly with the above biscuits and a hunk of your favourite cornish cheese 330g

    - a handy 50g pinch pot of Roasting Salt with garlic, onion, rosemary & sage and of course Cornish Sea Salt.  Either stir it in, sprinkle it over or rub it on just about anything to give it that perfect taste

    - a devine 140g box of Buttermilk crumbly Chocolate caramel sea salt fudge.  Crumbles and melts in the mouth.  Covered with smooth single origin Colombian chocolate, this is a treat worth indulging in

    - a can of gently sparkling Elderflower drink from Cornish Orchards.  Expertly blended using fragrant Elderflower for a deliciously delicate refreshing drink 330ml

    - a tasty pack of 4 traditional Cornish Hevva Buns, wonderfully crumbly and perfect with a cup of tea

    - a 100g bar of Raspberry Dark Chocolate.  Rich & velvety dark chocolate topped with raspberry flavoured jelly pieces, infused with natural raspberry flavour.  Made with sustainably sourced cocoa from The Ivory Coast, handcrafted in Cornwall

    - a box of crumbly Cornish shortbread biscuits with a totally moreish Sicilian Lemon hit 200g

    - a 220g jar of Strawberry Jam with Tarquin's Gin.  Whole strawberries are simmered with juniper and a large glug of Cornish gin.  Perfect for a posh cream tea or a slight twist on a classic victoria sponge

    - a 227g jar of Orange marmalade with Tarquin's Gin.  This marmalade should be enjoyed on a thick slice of buttery toast or try glazing your ham before roasting

    And finally....

    - 2 x 23g sachets of delicious Luxury Hot Chocolate powder.  Just stir into steaming hot milk or water.  Just what you need after a blustery walk on a Cornish beach

  • All products may contain allergens, we strongly recommend that you check individual product labels prior to consumption.

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